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02. November 2022 Reading duration: 2 Minuten

Focused Energy: Communication for the “Energy of the Future”

Fink & Fuchs has gained a new client in the Deep-Tech sector: the agency for technology and innovation communication has been advising the young German-American company Focused Energy since April. Based in Darmstadt, Germany, and Austin, Texas, Focused Energy seeks to enable safe, clean, and virtually inexhaustible energy production from the mid-2030s on using laser-based nuclear fusion.

The mandate includes PR, press relations and marketing in Germany and the United States. One of the tasks is to initiate an effective discourse on future, climate-friendly energy generation and nuclear fusion. The objective is to demonstrate the potential of nuclear fusion to politicians, the business world and society, and not least for Germany as a business location, in order to channel subsidies into this technology, convince private investors and provide communications support for the establishment of a partner ecosystem. Focused Energy is to become the leader on the topic of nuclear fusion and be perceived as an impulse generator and game changer.

The German-American company is not only revolutionizing energy production and creating a new energy era free from geopolitical dependencies, but also helping the world end its growing hunger for energy and its dependence on fossil fuels. Nuclear fusion is considered the Holy Grail by physicists and represents one of the greatest scientific challenges of our time.

“Our young company is working on the energy of the future together with top scientists. The use of laser-driven nuclear fusion to generate energy is also within reach thanks to our technological developments,” said Thomas Forner, CEO of Focused Energy in Darmstadt. “Our plan is ambitious and needs to be accompanied by professional communication. After all, the technology is very complex and requires explanation. Therefore, we are pleased to tackle these exciting tasks with support from Fink & Fuchs.”

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