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22. September 2023 Reading duration: 1 Minute

Traineeship at Fink & Fuchs – cornerstone for a steep consulting career

They have a common goal: successful further training as consultants with a focus on communication, marketing and PR, as well as editorial work. Maike Bongartz, Svenja Hofmann, Lisa J. Limprich, Katharina Schädlich, Alexandra Wimmer, Patrick Trepte and Boris Zubaryev have started their traineeship in the 23rd year of training at Fink & Fuchs in Wiesbaden and Munich following a multi-stage selection process. During their 15-month traineeship, they will gain experience in on-the-job training, flanked by a variety of theoretical modules focusing on account management, consulting and conceptualization, as well as copywriting and content creation. Fink & Fuchs places particular importance on the development and advancement of the seven trainees’ respective consulting personalities. The goal is to develop not only their professional, but also their personal and social skills. Successful consultants must be professionally top-notch and – in line with the leadership triad – above all able to manage themselves, client accounts and a project team in a goal-oriented manner.

The trainee program of the communications agency based in Wiesbaden, Munich and Berlin thus closes the gap between technical university training and the requirements of consulting practice. Dedicated mentors are available to the career starters to provide orientation in working life and for regular feedback discussions.

“The job description of consulting is specific to agencies,” explains Alexandra Groß, CEO of Fink & Fuchs. “We are constantly developing our training program for prospective communications experts – with the goal of developing and individually strengthening their consulting skills. In selecting our trainees, we pay close attention not only to their technical know-how, but also criteria like decisiveness, courage and entrepreneurial thinking. These are important prerequisites for managing client accounts efficiently and effectively. Filtering real knowledge from the flood of information, deriving topics and using them to develop ideas for a successful communications concept – that is what trainees learn from us from day one,” says Groß.

Premium: Thinking ahead on traineeship

The ever-increasing complexity of communication is leading to growing demands on the consulting services of agencies and thus on individual consulting skills. This results not least in high demands on a trainee program. The traineeship at Fink & Fuchs has been certified by the German Academy for Public Relations (dapr) since 2018. The quality of consulting and management is also supported as part of the agency’s quality management process, which has been certified in accordance with the international Consultancy Management Standard III (CMSIII) since 2019.

Fink & Fuchs has been committed to the professional development of young communications professionals for 35 years. Applicants can find information about the trainee program and insights into everyday life at the agency here .

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